I promise you I'm going to change and get rid of all my old ways

basically, if you chill and lowkey i fwu


Steal the look!

Gucci Cupcake Top - $345.89

Justice! Flare Jeans - $23.99

Dolce & Gabbana Hair Scrunchies - $876.44

Heely’s - $133.21


what are the symptoms of being fergalicious


matching icons 4 and ur friends this halloween

i was gonna put a smart-sounding quote down here, but i think these fly qwoc (coming now/in the past to a screen near you) can speak for themselves


when cute boys initiate conversation with you



cafe drawings

And one day I'll love me for me
i'm claudia (or cloud if you're a gring@), i'm chicanx, sixteen, and a lil queer.

Cause one day I'll be all I need
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